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Riverside Boat Club strives to support
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by Rachel Pettis
Canadian Henley There’s just no ending the summer without the
highly anticipated Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. Across the
board RBC had quite a successful week with multiple crews
leaving St. Catharines wearing some pretty hardware. The
conditions …Continue reading
From Five-Year-Old Cox’n to Jim Hanley’s 2x Partner How did
you get started with rowing? I started substitute coxing at age
five for my father’s first crews at BB&N in 1952. It took a while
for it to take, as … Continue reading
by Joan Buck
Alyssa Fogel is returning to her native Massachusetts after
spending several years at Carnegie Mellon University as an
undergraduate and as a coach. She sweeps and sculls, which
makes her a versatile addition to the Women’s Sweeps …Continue