News @ RBC 2009 Archive
Head of the Charles 2009
A 140th First, RBC Women's Youth 8+
Val Phipps-Goldstien [cox], Nora Connally, Ann Redgrave, Emma McAllister, Beth
Kazimer, Jocelyn Tetrault, Isabella Badia-Bellinger, Lia Parker-Belfer,
Megan Willis-Jackson
Jon Skillman starts it off
for RBC in event #1
Grand Master-Men
placing 18 out of 74
Head of the Textile results 10/04/09
Josh Sans(b), Vince Granata, Brad Sherman, Keir Evans, Scott Ninemeier, Ben
Byrne, Emerson Curry, Paul Kelly(s), Jeanine Le Doux (c)
Special Congratulations to:
#1Men's Club Eight
#1Women’s 4x
#1Women’s Open 2x
#1Women’s Ltwt 4+
#1Men's 2
Worlds 2009 Celebration Party 09/19/09
Congratulations to: Stefanie Sydlik(LW4x), Hillary Saeger
(LW4x), Alex Rothmeier (LM2-), Andrew Diebold (LM8+),
Anthony Fahden (LM8+), Ester Lofgren (W4-), John (Skip)
Dise (LM8+).
.....and Helen Fremontin
event #2 Grand-Master
Women'splacing 6 out of
Tina, with support from
'Team Vanderdteel' brings
home a 2nd out of 21 in
event #4 Senior-Master
...and the boys, Senior-
Master Men's Four
brings home a 2nd in
event # 7.
Todd Milne, Ernest Cook, John Yasaitis, Neil Harrigan, Reeves
Nelson, cox.
Head of the Kevin #1, #2, #3 results... 10/12/20/09
Kevin McDonnellwith
Andrew receiving a 10th
Anniversary award for the
HOKseries which
concluded last Saturday.
Good luck to all RBC
members competing in
the HOCR.