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Our Mission

Riverside Boat Club strives to support the attainment of its members’ rowing goals, from recreation to the highest level of international competition, and to promote the art and enjoyment of rowing by providing safe facilities, quality rowing equipment, and coaching in a friendly, collaborative, social community.

Founded in 1869, Riverside Boat Club is a non-profit organization located in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

By 1869, the year Riverside Boat Club was formed, there were approximately ninety American rowing clubs. Club memberships were booming, sixty-five regattas were held annually throughout the country, and racing for prizes was attracting widespread interest. Rowing was on its way to becoming America’s most popular spectator sport.
— Dick Garver, Club Historian

With over 300 male and female rowers in its community today, Riverside has upheld a tradition of excellence both on and off the water since its inception. Riverside scullers were nationally ranked soon after the club’s founding, with its first team-boat national title won in 1894. In 1936, Riverside earned the right to represent the USA in the 4+ at the Olympics. Since then, many athletes have temporarily traded their blue and white stripes for the red, white and blue blades of the US National Team to compete in World Championship regattas and the Olympic Games. Most recently, Riverside had 6 athletes compete at the 2015 World Rowing Championships in Aiguebelette, France. Closer to home, Riverside also continues to be a dominant force in the club and masters racing circuit.

One constant at Riverside through our 140+ year history is that the involvement of the membership defines the club. Collectively, our members contribute thousands of volunteer hours to both the Riverside and greater Boston-Cambridge communities annually, allowing us to achieve our goal of affordable, quality rowing at all levels. We welcome new members who will continue the traditions of Riverside.

Membership is open to all who comply with club rules and are willing to provide service to the club. However, only members who demonstrate competence in rowing are eligible to use club boats at Riverside.



In its nearly 150 years of existence, Riverside has evolved with the times and surrounding community. Historian Dick Garver has chronicled Riverside’s history in a book, where one can learn about how both Riverside and the sport of rowing have developed and how RBC has become the thriving association it is today.



The constitution reflects the membership and the Club’s purpose.


The Riverside Handbook describes further policies which members are required to uphold.

Code of Conduct

We're committed to the safety of our members, both on and off the water. The Code of Conduct is intended to protect members of all ages.

visiting crews

To obtain permission to launch from the RBC docks for any race or practice, all crews must submit an agreement at least two weeks prior to date of use and pay a small fee.

Our Annual Report

Riverside is pleased share the following information from 2017.


Outside of the Board of Directors, Riverside is organized into several committees and sub-committees to accomplish tasks. All members should look to join one (or two or three…) upon becoming a member.

  • Building and grounds

  • Captain’s

  • Communications

  • Community

  • Development

  • Equipment

  • Fundraising

  • History

  • Lawn and garden

  • Mentorship

  • President’s

  • Security

  • Membership

  • Regatta

  • Social

  • Technology

  • Volunteer coordination