Riverside’s Open Men’s Sweep Team (aka “The Meatwagon”) is a group of upstanding young men between the ages of 23 and 30 who believe that just because your college racing career is over, doesn’t mean you have to stop training and competing at a high level. 

We want to revitalize the club rowing scene and prove that it’s possible to be competitive while working a full-time job or completing graduate school. Our primary focus is on competition in sweep boats but, that being said, if it floats or has a fly wheel attached to it, our guys will try to race it. Many of our athletes also scull and some have had good results in sculling events while also racing in our sweep boats. We are a fun group that likes to work hard, play hard, and make boats go fast. If you like those things too, we may be the program for you.


erg score recommendations

In order to be considered for membership, applicants should be at or within range of the following erg scores (if applicable). Exceptions may be made based on past experience, so please contact us with questions.

HW Men    
2k 6:20 or faster
6k 20:30 or faster

LW Men    
2k 6:35 or faster
6k 21:00 or faster


Andy Sayles


Harrison Fisher hpfisher3(at)gmail.com

Andy McLaughlin andy.j.mclaughlin(at)gmail.com

summer sweeps

Every summer the men’s sweeps team will accept 10 U23 athletes who wish to spend their summer vacation training and racing in boats. Priority will be given to applicants with 3 years of collegiate rowing experience, or with high school rowing experience and at least one year of collegiate rowing experience. College racing results, a brief rowing bio, and your erg scores (2k, 5k or 6k) will also factor into your application. During the summer, we follow an intensive training program designed to assemble the fastest possible racing lineups for competition at the Independence Day Regatta (or sometimes Club Nats) and the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, along with other smaller races in between. Boat selection will be determined by a combination of erg testing, seat racing, racing experience, and coach’s discretion. Please note that there is no dedicated lightweight program and any lightweight rowers will be admitted based on their ability to be competitive with heavyweight counterparts.


year-round sweeps

Men’s Open Sweeps accepts rowers who wish to train and compete competitively for full-time membership. Typically, rowers are recent graduates who train anywhere from 5-10 times/week and wish to compete at the Textile River Regatta and the Head of the Charles, as well as all summer regattas (see below). Ideally we are looking for rowers with 4 years of competitive rowing experience and who meet the baseline erg scores below.


In the summer we focus on Independence Day Regatta (IDR) in Philadelphia, Club Nationals, and Canadian Henley in St. Catharine’s, Ontario. During the fall, we race most weekends from mid-September to end of October, with our major race being the Head of the Charles. We also work in scrimmages or dual races with competing clubs whenever we can. One of our goals is to establish strong ties between other post-graduate rowing programs, developing those relationships, and working to foster a club-rowing community which values racing and training hard year round.

Results highlights


  • 1st Club Entry, Club 8+ HOCR, 3rd overall

  • 1st Overall Club 4+ HOCR

  • Winner of Stars and Stripes Dual Race with Potomac Boat Club

  • 2nd Place: Men’s Int 8+ IDR

  • 2nd Place: Men’s Open 8+ IDR

  • 3rd Place: Men’s Int. 2- IDR

  • 2nd Place: U23 Light 4- Can. Henley

  • 2nd Place: Light 8+ Can. Henley

  • 4th Place: U23 Light 2x Can. Henley


  • 1st Club Entry, Club 8+ HOCR

  • 4th Place, Sr 8+, Can. Henley

  • 1st Place, Sr ltwt 2-, Can. Henley

  • 1st Place, U23 2x, Can. Henley

  • 2nd Place, Sr ltwt 4-, Can. Henley

  • 3rd Place, U23 ltwt 4-, Can. Henley

  • 3rd Place, Open 8+, IDR

  • 2nd Place, Int 8+, IDR

  • 2nd Place, Int 4+, IDR


  • 1st Club Entry, Club 8+ HOCR

  • 1st Place, Sr Ltwt 8+, Can. Henley

  • 4th Place, Int 8+, IDR

  • 4th Place, Int 4+ IDR


  • 3rd Place, Sr 8+, Can. Henley

  • 1st Place, Sr Ltwt 8+, Can. Henley

  • 1st Place, Open 8+, Cromwell Cup

  • 1st Place, Int Ltwt 8+, IDR

  • 2nd Place, Int Ltwt 4+, IDR

  • 2nd Place, Int 4+, IDR

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about our coach


Jeff Forrester
Jeff began rowing in 1994 at Mathews High School in Virginia, where he won multiple state championships. He was then recruited to row at Rutgers University, winning the JV 8+ at the Big East Invitational his sophomore year and taking a silver medal in the Varsity Lightweight 8+ at the IRA championships his senior year.

After moving to Boston and joining Riverside Boat Club, he was a member of crews that won the Head of the Charles Lwt 8+, Canadian Henley Lwt 8+, and Canadian Henley Lwt 4- leading to a berth on the US National team in the Lwt 8+. After a back injury put an end to racing, he focused on coaching, first under Bruce Smith with the men’s HPG at Riverside Boat Club in 2009, then as Riverside’s sculling coach in 2010. In 2011, he took charge of the men’s sweep program.