Can I learn to row at Riverside?

No, Riverside is not a learn-to-row club. While anyone can join, members must be competent rowers to take out club boats at Riverside. See Is Riverside Right for Me? for more information, including where you can learn to row.

How good of a rower do I need to be to join Riverside?

While anyone can join, you must be a competent rower to take out boats at Riverside. Riverside has rowers at various skill levels with a range of goals, from high-level to local competitions, to solely for recreation, but to take out a boat, you must be a competent rower. See Is Riverside Right for Me? for more information.

What does it mean to be a volunteer run club?

RBC is 100% managed by its members, who are all required to contribute a minimum of 10 hours of service. This can be done by attending work parties, helping with regattas and performing other committee or boathouse tasks. You can track your hours here. To learn about volunteer opportunities, contact the Volunteer Coordination Committee.

How can I get a rack at Riverside?

Storage of boats at Riverside, including boats stored temporarily outside on racks or trailers, requires permission from the Captain. There are a number of private indoor racks at Riverside for an annual cost additional to membership dues. Rack holders and applicants must be members in good standing and must row for Riverside in all regattas, unless special permission is granted by the Board.

Selection criteria includes: service to the club, boat mileage requirements, seniority and boat sharing.

For more details on selection click here or apply for a rack now.

What is the initiation fee?

The initiation fee is a one-time payment when you first join Riverside Boat Club. As long as you maintain at least a supporting membership status, you will only have to pay it once.

Where can I park?

Riverside does not have a parking lot. There is a small DCR lot adjacent to the pool next to Riverside and a small horseshoe beyond the pool. These are public parking lots with time limitations. Most streets in the Cambridgeport area are permit parking only, except for Sundays.

Riverside has a large bike rack on the right side of the boathouse.

Can Riverside be rented out for functions?

Yes, but primarily only to current members. For full details, read more: here.

Do I need to try out?

The sweep programs and HPG have general time standards that you can compare yourself against. Each team page provides a contact you can email to learn more about joining that specific team (some also have applications). Please review the programs section for a specific point of contact. Prior to paying dues, there is a two-week trial period in which new members joining programs can row with the team to determine if it’s a good fit – you must fill out the general RBC application prior to rowing in any capacity. 

Can I take a single out or bow a double right after I’ve joined?

In order to ensure our members’ safety, all members are required to pass a Captain’s test in order to row Riverside shells. More information about Captain’s testing can be found here.

What is a work party?

Riverside is a volunteer-run club. Every month work parties are held to keep our boathouse in ship shape. Work parties are a great way to meet members and a good opportunity to earn the volunteer hours required before standing up for provisional membership.

Do I have voting rights when I join?

No, not until you become a senior member. After joining Riverside, all new members are required to stand up for provisional membership at a quarterly board meeting. You will be eligible to stand up for senior membership one year later.