Event contract


Policies & procedures for hosting events at RBC

This document is approved by the Board for use in requesting to host an event at Riverside. In order to host an event, you must fill out the form below and await confirmation that your request has been approved. All requests will be sent to the Social Committee Chairs, and will then be forwarded to the Board as appropriate.

please note

Events that require an Event Contract are:

  • Any event that occurs during high-volume workout times or midday on the weekends

  • Any event with 15+ people, or with 10 or more non-RBC guests

  • Events for children

  • Events that will require that RBC equipment be moved from the workout room

  • Events that require decorations to be set up/hung

  • Any large-scale party where many people will be consuming alcohol

  • When in doubt, submit an Event Contract! If it’s not required, I’ll let you know!

Why an Event Contract?

  • So that any space use conflicts can be discussed

  • So that RBC can be sure that the boathouse is being used in accordance with club policies and expectations

  • So that members can be notified if the boathouse will be used during peak times

  • So that members know to expect that the space will be used

  • To identify the responsible person in the case of an issue or concern before, during, or after your event


Event approval guidelines:

  • Space use is approved on a first-come, first-served basis, with a mind to serving the most RBC members possible, in the best way we can

  • If an event is proposed during peak boathouse use times (before ~8pm on weekdays, or before ~5pm on weekends), it will likely be denied

  • If an event is more than half non-RBC members, meeting or exceeding 10 outside guests, additional board approval is required

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