Visiting crews

Riverside Boat Club is pleased to assist the racing series on the Charles by allowing out of town crews and even hometown crews to launch from RBC docks. To obtain permission to launch from the Riverside Boat Club docks for any race or practice, all crews must fill out and submit this agreement at least two weeks prior to date of use. 

fill out the form below.

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  • On any given race day a maximum of three colleges/clubs will be allowed to launch from RBC docks. This will be determined on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • We require a Visiting Crew Agreement signed by the coach of each crew and a fee for each school each time Riverside is used as a launch site.

  • In an effort to help keep all Charles River users safe please make sure your coxswains are familiar with the Charles River bridge arches, River Traffic and Rules. Pay particular attention to the Powerhouse Stretch/Western Ave and River Street Bridges section of River Rules between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.

General guidelines

  • Parking: All vehicles including boat trailers must park on pavement. The parking lot is extremely small, so not all trailers will fit. Local crews should row their boats up and NOT trailer. Any vehicles parked on the grass will be reported to the State Police and will be towed. Please use the parking areas next to the boathouse, MDC pool or the ball fields. The Micro Center/Starbucks parking lot is often towed. Residential areas only allow parking for non-residents on Sundays.

  • Access: No visiting crew members are allowed inside of Riverside Boat Club. Please use the upstream swinging ramp to access the docks.

  • Launching: Crews must not tie up the docks when landing and launching. Please move your boats out of the water and off the docks as quickly as possible. Please Launch in the upstream direction.

  • Clean-up: The docks and parkland must be left in good condition when you leave. Take all trash with you or leave in the trash cans provided.

Please submit a Visiting Crew Agreement to which you and any crew you host must adhere, to row out of Riverside Boat Club for any races or practices. Once the agreement is submitted you must be given written permission to launch from the captain. If you are the host school for a race it is your obligation to see that any crew participating in your race has contacted me and understands they must also supply the signed agreement and check. Failure to do so will result in restriction from dock use.

Thank you for your cooperation with these guidelines. Please contact the Captain if you have any questions. 

Be advised: Boat trailers and all commercial vehicles are prohibited from traveling on all MDC roadways including Memorial Drive. Riverside Boat Club is only accessible by Memorial Drive. The State Police will allow trailers to travel eastbound on Memorial Drive from the River Street Bridge (Mass Pike) to Riverside Boat Club, and west bound to Western Ave. Bridge (return to Mass Pike) ONLY. Any other travel is prohibited. If you need to travel any other part of Memorial Drive you must contact the State Police at 617-727-6780.

Visiting crew agreement