For locker room Code of Conduct, please look further down the page.


how to get a locker

Any member in good standing can claim a locker by following these rules:

  • If a locker is empty, attach your personal padlock to claim the locker + sign-up online and affix a name label.
  • If you want to maintain your locker, you must claim it during January/February of the new year by signing-up online and affixing a name label.
  • If a locker is ‘claimed’ with a padlock and the owner has not signed-up-online, the ‘management’ will remove the lock and contents.
  • If you have followed the above and not paid for the locker, ‘management’ will remove the lock and contents.

Note: Removed locker contents will be placed in the ‘lost & found’ and discarded after 90 days. Conduct in the Women’s locker room is subject to the Rules of Code & Conduct. For further information contact Buildings & Grounds.

current locker list

  • If your locker information is incorrect please submit corrections.
  • If you ‘think’ you have a locker and your name is not on this list please submit correction.
  • You must claim and pay for a locker to appear on this official list.

Shared lockers: Both names must appear on the official list for each to be billed 50%.

Men's lockers

Women's lockers

Locker room Code of Conduct

Effective 7/1/2009

  • No rowing gear should be hung from individual lockers, as it may offend people with adjacent lockers.
  • A clean towel may be neatly hung from one’s own locker, provided the towel does not interfere with other lockers or belongings.
  • If you have any items that are developing an unpleasant odor, please bring them home and wash them.

Towel hooks:

  • The row of towel hooks just outside the shower stall (immediately to the right of the entrance to the showers) is to remain clear of all items at all times. These towel hooks are for hanging towels only while you are in the shower. After your shower, remove your towel from the hook, and leave these hooks empty for others who will use the showers.
  • All other towel hooks in the locker room may be used to dry towels only. Neither rowing gear nor anything other than towels may be dried on towel hooks.
  • All towel hooks must be clear every weekend from 2:00 p.m. Saturday until Monday morning. Bring your towels home for the weekend.

Shower stall:

  • All personal items should be kept out of the shower stall – no personal effects, such as shampoo, soap, etc. Anything left in this area is subject to being thrown out at the end of each day. Place your shampoo, soap, conditioner, etc. in neat containers on the designated rack in the locker room or else in your locker.
  • Leave the row of towel hooks immediately outside the shower stall area clear at all times, except while showering, when you may hang your dry towel until you exit the shower.


  • Benches in the women’s locker room area and bathroom should be completely clear of all items. No bags, articles of clothing, rowing gear, or anything else should be on the benches.
  • This applies to all times when individuals are not actively changing or using their lockers.
  • During practices or workouts, your belongings should be stored in your locker or neatly in a bag under the benches. After workouts, remove your belongings from the boathouse.
  • If you do not have a locker, all of your personal items should be kept in a bag located under the benches during practice times, and should be removed from the boathouse when not practicing.

Locker room floor:

  • With the exception of personal items stored in bags under benches during practice times, as outlined above, no bags or personal items, clothing, gear, shoes, sandals, or other objects should be left on the floor. Any items on the floor will be placed in a trash bag and moved to lost and found. See below for lost and found policy.
  • Shoes, sandals and other footwear may not be left on the floor anywhere in the locker room or boathouse.
  • Shoes and other footwear may be stored in your locker or neatly on the designated shoe rack. Please be vigilant and remove footwear that develops an unpleasant odor.

On top of the lockers:

  • The areas on top of the lockers should remain clear to maintain a clean and organized environment.
  • No shoes, boat covers, or gear may be placed on top of the lockers. This is to maintain a neat environment and to discourage the nesting of rodents.
  • The locker room is for showering and dressing; it is not for storage of rowing or other gear.
  • All items on top of the lockers will be placed in a trash bag and relocated to the lost and found area. See below for Lost and Found Policy.

Please Note: The goal of these new rules is to keep the women’s locker room and bathroom clean and organized. As a member (or guest) of Riverside Boat Club, please use your best judgment in areas not covered in this document.


Enforcing the rules

All women are responsible for reading these rules and code of conduct as well as adhering to them. Being a member of Riverside Boat Club should be viewed as a privilege; thus, being able to use the locker room should be viewed as a privilege. It will be up to all female club members to adhere to and uphold these rules. If you see someone abusing the rules, kindly ask her to clean up.

Riverside is a club that has both transient members and long-time members. Each person may have a different opinion of what is and what isn’t acceptable, but the goal is to reach a common place where all members can be content so that we can stop focusing on the locker room and start focusing on rowing and racing.


Article removal and lost and found

Nothing is to be left in the locker room after 12:00 noon on Saturdays through Monday morning. Anything left in the locker room over the weekend will be placed in a trash bag and moved to the lost and found, and then removed from the boathouse on the 1st

In the event that items in the lost and found are deemed so offensive in appearance or smell as to prevent the reasonable enjoyment of the boathouse by all, management reserves the right to dispose of such items, or take such action as necessary to protect the welfare of the membership prior to the 1st of the following month.