Boat Damage


How to report equipment damage*:

  1. If the boat is not rowable put a “NO ROW” sign on the boat.
    • Laminated signs are found on the corkboard above the Rigger’s bench
  2. Write a note in the rigger’s book on the workbench.
    • Tell him what needs fixing – BE CLEAR – Leave you name and contact info.
  3. Do not put the boat in slings unless approved by the Captain.
  4. If it is regular maintenance and not an accident, fill out a Boat Damage Report (see below). Submit and you are done.
  5. If you have had an accident with or without damage continue to Boat Incident Page.

*including wear & tear


Incidents involving club equipment:

  • Incident with damage: fill out a Boat Damage form and fill out a Boat Incident form.
  • Incident with no damage: fill out a Boat Incident Report and Submit.


Private boats involved in accidents:

You are not required, but encouraged to fill out an incident report, but please contact the RBC Captain with your side of the story.


  1. A Damage Report needs to be filled out if a club boat is involved.
    • If no damage occurred, submit this form and you are done.
    • If damage to a club boat occurred, please submit a Boat Damage Report.
  2. Boat Incident Report: required for all incidents (see below).

If you’ve had an accident:

— please read the boat damage policy and fill out the necessary boat accident forms:

Step 1: Damage Report

A damage report needs to be filled out if a boat is damaged by everyday use or by an accident.

This report is for boat damage of any kind, from wear-and-tear to damange caused in an accident. In addition to filling out this form, please be sure that you have:

  • Put the boat back in the rack from which you found it. Do not leave it in the rigger’s bay unless specifically instructed to do so by the captain.
  • Hang a “NO ROW” sign from the rigger, if applicable. These signs can be found in the rigger’s bay.
  • Recorded the damage in the rigger’s book in the rigger’s bay.
  • Informed the captain directly.
  • If you were involved in an accident, also submit an Incident Report.
  • Have reviewed the Boat Damage Policy.

Step 2: Boat Incident Report

This form is required for all incidents