Boat Damage Policy


Last updated: April 5, 2013

As of July 2008, any member or guest using club equipment will be financially liable for any missing equipment or equipment damage incurred during the period of use up to the amounts listed on the below schedule.

The amounts are $500 + $50/seat including coxswain seats. Each member of the crew, including coxswains, will be held equally responsible for damages incurred. This includes damage caused by but not limited to handling, transportation on private vehicle, negligent storage, and on-water damage (collision with visible debris, bridge, shore, other boats, dock, animals, catching a crab, etc).

Boat Size Maximum Crew Liability

Boat Size
4+ (5 seats)
8+ (9 seats)

Maximum Liability

Please note: Borrowed equipment is subject to the lender’s deductible

Damage that occurs while traveling with Riverside equipment, either by car-topping or by trailering on the RBC trailer, will be reviewed by the Board/Captain and penalties/costs will be shared in the following manner:

  • If the athletes using the hull directly caused the damage during loading/unloading, the financial liability will fall to the athletes and the Captain/Board may restrict access to Club Boats. The time period of restricted access will be at the discretion of the Captain/Board and related to the degree of damage and negligence.
  • If the hull is damaged during travel and the athletes who competed in the hull were not directly responsible for the damage, the financial liability will be shared by all athletes using the trailer.

** The term “damage” means any club equipment that is not in full working order. For example, damage includes hull damage, and returning a boat without all its hardware, seats, riggers, wiring, etc.


Wear and Tear

Although members and guests are not responsible for normal wear and tear to club equipment, RBC expects its members to proactively monitor equipment to help maintain the working order of the club’s fleet and to report normal wear and tear. Members should follow the reporting procedures, visit damage reporting.

Damage occurring from wear/tear to older equipment will be assessed by the Captain/Board to determine if penalties should apply.


Damage Caused to Private Equipment

Whenever possible, damage to private equipment by club members should be settled between the individuals involved. If the individuals involved are not able to resolve the issue, the Board is authorized to step in and assign damages, in accordance with standards of reasonableness and fundamental fairness. Additional witness testimony may be considered in resolving any dispute.


Disciplinary Procedures

At the discretion of the Captain/Board members found to be involved with equipment damage will be banned from rowing for a minimum period of 1 days, and may be required to donate additional volunteer hours to RBC as deemed appropriate by the Captain. In the case of severe/repeat offenders, the person responsible for steering the boat (coxswain or bow in the case of coxless boats) will lose their captain’s test certification. If and when they are re-certified for Level I privileges (1 and 2-person boats) via the Captain’s test process, the captain may specify an additional probation period during which the offender would not be allowed to bow club boats larger than a single. Level II certification (4-person boats) would also require new sponsors.