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official communications


Riverside maintains an active member and alumni directory on Groupspaces. All active members are required to sign up in order to receive important information regarding anything from river traffic patterns to boathouse security. 

This list intended for important announcements and discussion related to Riverside Boat Club in Cambridge, MA.

The use of this list is limited to:

  • Captain’s business–e.g. restrictions on boat use

  • Board/membership meeting announcements, minutes

  • Work party announcements

  • Notices about any work being done on the boathouse.

  • Erg/boat slot availability.

  • Regatta announcements/results (e.g. Cromwell Cup, Riverside Sprints, Crusher Casey, Heads of the Kevin).

  • Committee announcements

Sending and receiving emails:

  • You must use the email address that is listed in the directory when sending emails – this is how it prevents outsiders from spamming the list (likewise all emails sent will go to that address – please take a minute to update your contact information if need be).

  • The active membership email address is:

  • Please add as a contact in your email client to prevent these emails from going to your spam.

  • This list is comprised of all active, dues-paying RBC rowers.

  • The “rbc-talk” email list will remain active for lower priority communications (see below).




RBC-talk, is Riverside's unofficial listserv. It's meant for rowing related information and content relevant to the Riverside community.

This list can and should be used for:

  • Searching for email addresses

  • Job opportunities

  • Smack talk

  • Roommate searches

  • Items for sale (furniture, tickets, etc)

  • Interesting articles/tv shows/etc

  • Anything else tangentially relevant to a rowing/Boston-based audience

List email address:
To subscribe, email:
To unsubscribe, email:

This list will be lightly moderated.