New Members: July 2012

by Lib Diamond

Ellen Czaika joins RBC as a jack(jane?)-of-all-rowing-trades.  She has experience sweeping, sculling, and even coxing but joined RBC primarily to continue sculling.  She is PhD Student originally from Marblehead, MA and San Diego, CA (she spans the nation) and she has rowed for San Diego, MIT Rowing Club, and Oxford (stroke-side).  Ellen is involved in the yoga community in South Boston and hopefully can bring us all a little needed balance.

Kalmia Buels learned to row in Ithaca, NY as a wee 8th grader.  She sculled in college on a club team and after a brief hiatus from the sport continued sculling with a masters group in Portland OR.  Kalmia is a rock climber and a Postdoctoral Fellow at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center with a fondness for the adrenaline rush of the last five strokes of a sprint race.  Welcome!

Jon Miles hails from Woodstock, VT just north of everyone’s third-favorite fall Regatta, GMH.  Jon is an SAT tutor and an avid sock knitter(er) who began rowing during his senior year at Wesleyan University.  He was tricked into sticking with the sport after winning the Lightweight 8 at Canadian Henley in “all its vomitey glory.”  He’s recovering from a back injury but will be back on the water after he finishes knitting his first pair of blue striped socks.