Results: Masters Nationals 2012

By: Todd Milne and Ernest Cook

“Stormy weather” was the theme song for this year’s regatta.  Thunderstorms delayed racing Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Many finals were canceled on Friday.  If heats were held in those events, medals were awarded based on heat times.  So we quickly learned to go all-out in the heats, no matter what kind of lead we held. This was a huge regatta with 2000+ rowers representing 150+ clubs from around the country – the largest ever held by US Rowing – and the competition was tough.

Men’s Sweep
The team was joined this year by some youngsters – Alex Caruthers and Evan Labuzetta – and that allowed RBC to put together some very competitive A and B boats. Overall, 20 of 24 entries made it to the finals with 15 of the Riverside boats placing in the money, so nearly everyone came away with hardware.   The RBC masters sweeps team medaled in age groups A, B, C, D, E, and F and in all sweep boat classes; 2-, 4-, 4+, and 8+.  There were also medals in team sculling boats with medals in the Club and Lightweight D4x events. With fewer than 25 rowers, Riverside placed 4th among the men in the quest for the points trophy.

Notable results:  Todd Milne and Neil Harrigan blazed to a gold in the C pair.  Later they were joined by Jason McDonough-Hughes and Evan to take first place in the Club B4+ and take home an obscenely large trophy.  Alex and Shameek Sarkar also conquered the field to take gold in the A pair.


All results

Womens Ltwt B 4 x
Mens Hwt. C 2- F (Todd Milne, Neil Harrigan)
Womens Ltwt A 1 x (Alexis Sneff)
Mens Hwt. B 1x (Jim Mcgaffigan)
Mens Hwt A 2- (Alex Caruthers, Shameek Sarkar)
Mens Club B 4+

Mens Hwt C 1x Final
Mens Hwt B 4+
Womens Open C 1 x (Tina Vandersteel)
Mens Club B 8 +
Mens Club D 4x
Mens Hwt. C 4-
Womens Ltwt A 2x b (Alexis Sneff, Ashley Lanfer)

Mens Club C 4+
Mens Ltwt E 4
Mens Club C 8 +
Mens Ltwt I 1x (Nick Daniloff)