March Volunteer Update

Thank you to all members who donated their time to Riverside in March! This month, 33 RBC members logged a total of 115.2 volunteer hours. David Wiedesack and Meghan Brundage each spent 10+ hours this month helping paint our porch, Mike Floyd helped keep our river safe by fine tuning our captain's testing procedure, Lib Diamond and Amelia Patton set up the boathouse to be a prime Boat Race viewing location, and many members helped keep our boathouse clean and ready for the busy spring.

A special thank you to those who have gone above and beyond, spending more than three hours this month volunteering for Riverside:

Betsy Atkins
Ed Ballo
Michael Bannister
Meghan Brundage
Lib Diamond
Molly Hamrick
Cindy Larson
James Leech
Bryna McConarty
Andy McLaughlin
Todd Milne
Xavier Morelle
Lidia Rosenbaum
Katy Ruderman
Pierre Saddi
Martha Strom
David Wiedaseck

Need to record your volunteer hours? Do so here!


By: The Volunteer Coordination Committee