Recap: Cromwell Cup 2017

July 9, 2017 Cromwell Cup Regatta:
a beautiful day for a regatta with bright sun and clear skies all day.

5AM The first shift of volunteers arrives and packs boxes for those who will be out on the course, while others clean the dock or go out in launches to set up the course.

6AM orientation for all volunteers as they set off to their stations: Starters, timers, those that follow races in launches and those that keep the power boats at bay while racing is going on. Registration desk is set up and the first competitors sign in. The organization is awesome a military operation of efficiency as Ashley tells volunteers what to do hands out the walkie talkies and Molly is briefing those in launches

7AM first race is lined up and the race is on! Masters races move steadily through with occasional breaks to let through powerboat traffic.There was a light tail wind (for which the masters rowers were grateful). First Cheri Ruane was calling the races and then when she left to race herself, Mike Bannister took over announcing.

10:45 open and youth races start and by 11:15 the wind was picking up with a cross tail wind that by the afternoon was a stiff headwind. Magazine Beach Park was filled with trailers and tents as 400 boats from clubs coming from all over New England set up.

There was a lot of work to coordinate the starts with increasing numbers of power boats were kept waiting at Anderson and Boston Bridges and swarms of kayakers paddled up and down stream being herded by our launches and bridge marshals calling out to pull over to make way for on coming races. The level of coordination among all those involved meant a constant stream of communication on the walkie Talkies. Wonderful tight races moved down the course keeping close to the scheduled times as new volunteers took over from the sun burned and weary crews out there working all day.

The day ended with the top scullers and sweep boats in the finals after those who were slower had been eliminated in earlier heats. About 6PM another beautifully executed and much enjoyed Cromwell Cup Regatta came to an end as crews derigged and loaded trailers and RBC volunteers cleared out the boathouse and put away the signs and gear until next year.

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A HUGE thanks especially to Ashley and the tireless volunteers who made this such a success!