Summer 2018 Racing Round up


Summer 2018 saw a flurry of RBC Stripes streaking down race courses and collecting hardware along the way. Here’s a quick roundup of where your fellow Stripes have been and how they’ve proudly represented our club on the water:

US Rowing Club Nationals Regatta

RBC fielded 34 entries across 25 events at the US Rowing Club Nationals Regatta. 14 crews progressed to finals. Some highlights:

  • Men’s intermediate lightweight 2- (3rd and 5th)

  • Men’s senior lightweight 2- (4th)

  • Women’s senior 4- (4th and 6th)

  • Women’s senior 4+ (4th and 6th)

  • Men’s senior 4x (4th)

  • Men’s senior lightweight 8+ (4th)

The men’s intermediate lightweight 8+ came less than 0.2 seconds behind Vesper in a nail-biting finish for second place.

Royal Canadian Henley Regatta (Masters)

RBC fielded 25 entries across 20 events at Masters Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. 19 crews progressed to finals and 10 of these placed in the top three, including:

  • Women’s AA-D 2x (2nd)

  • Women’s AA-B 4+ (3rd)

  • Men’s AA-C 2- (2nd)

  • Men’s 4+ (2nd)

  • Women’s AA-C 2- (3rd)Women’s D double (2nd)

  • Mixed masters eight (D-I 2nd)

First place finishes included the men’s E-I 4+ with Elizabeth Bayne, Rudy Schreiber, Nikolay Kurmakov, Ed Frankenberry and Ernest Cook; the men’s D-I 2- with Ernest Cook and John Yasaitis; and the mixed masters 8+ AA-C.

Royal Canadian Henley Regatta

Following the Masters regatta, RBC fielded 53 entries at the Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. 11 crews progressed to finals and 4 of these placed in their events, including:

  • Men’s U-23 8+ (6:16.74)

  • Women’s U-23 8+ (7:12.04)

  • Women’s 1x dash

The women’s U-23 4+ with Hannah Knight, Kate Maistrenko, Tal Gilad and Maya Hartleben (coached by Nikolay Kurmakov) won their event with a time of 7:20.84.