In Memoriam - Dave Schultz

Dear Riverside members and friends,

It is with deep sadness that we share the news that David Schultz passed away suddenly on Saturday, May 11, 2019.

Dave has been a Riverside member since 2004.  In addition to assisting enthusiastically on Building and Grounds, he managed the RBC boat reservation schedule for many years.  Dave’s beautiful family:  wife Kelly and his three young children, Liam, Maeve and Emily are part of the Riverside family.  Kelly and her father Frank O’Leary are longtime Riverside members. Dave was an amazing husband, father, son, and member. 

He evinced a rare blend of intensity and humor and demonstrated his commitment in everything he endeavored.  He will be deeply missed.

We send our sympathy to Kelly and Frank and the family.
— Lynn Osborn, Club President
Dave Schultz was one of the nicest, most laid back humans you’ll ever meet. Never took himself seriously, and was beyond generous with his time and boat. He was in charge of the boat reservation schedule for years, even if he didn’t have a lot of time to row because of his young family and work.

I can think of at least one multi time world champion that learned to scull in his black BBG. What of course sucks a whole lot more is that he was married to another Riverside member, Kelly O’Leary Schultz, and he left behind three kids...

He will certainly be missed.
— Igor Belakovisky

Images by Igor Belakovskiy - ScullingFool Photography