Trailer use policy



  • All individuals with boats on the trailer must sign a Trailer User Waiver.
  • All trailer users should attend the trailer unloading scheduled by the trailer driver, participating programs and/or the captain.
  • All individuals using private and/or club equipment stored on the trailer are responsible for removing and rigging that equipment accordingly.
  • Teams/individuals that raced a boat are responsible for the equipment care/rigging of that boat.
  • Individuals who cannot attend trailer unloading must make advance plans to ensure equipment is removed from the trailer, cleaned, rigged and appropriately stored.

Equipment Sign-Out

  • All club equipment must be checked out using the Regatta Sign-Out Sheet
  • All members must have approval from the captain before removing any club equipment from the premises

Equipment Return

  • All boats need to be rigged, washed and ready-to-row by the first morning session (5:30AM) after the return of the trailer.
  • Equipment must be signed in online using the Regatta Sign-In Sheet and confirmed by the Captain or team representative.
  • Missing and damaged equipment must be reported online via the damage report, noted in the logbook on the riggers bench, and an email summary must be sent to the Captain.
  • All club equipment (boats, oars, etc.) is to be rigged/adjusted in accordance with how it left the boathouse (e.g. a pair that left for a race as a pair, but was also raced as a double, must be rigged as a pair upon return).
  • All spare riggers (not on boats) are to be wrapped, labeled by boat and properly stored. Riggers should be hung against the wall by the rigger’s bench and must NOT be left on the floor.


  • All club boats should have tennis balls on the oar locks to protect other shells.
  • No equipment is to be stored on the boat bay floors.
  • RBC club and private oars are to be appropriately stored.
  • Slings are to be stored next to the gas locker on the downstream side of the porch.
  • Cox Boxes are to be signed in online using the Regatta Sign-In Sheet, returned upstairs and locked in the cabinet.
  • Ergs are to be signed in online using the Regatta Sign-In Sheet, cleaned and returned to the workout room. A note should be made on the erg/bike maintenance board if new batteries are required. A damage report should be filled out if an erg was damaged in travel.
  • Personal boat covers are to be stored appropriately (inside lockers, in the attic marked with your name, or at home).
  • Borrowed racks are to be  stored in the attic or taken home by the owner.

Trailer and Boat Cleaning

  • All garbage, towels, equipment, foam, tape, etc. are to be removed from the trailer.
  • All boats must be washed. Hoses are located on the dock and next to the door of the sweep bay. Sponges, buckets and soap are available in the storage locker in the club singles bay.
  • All cleaning equipment is to be stored appropriately after use, and the water should be turned off.
  • Prior to the first morning session after the trailer returns, a volunteer will check the trailer, clean out all remaining trash, and notify the captain and affected parties of remaining equipment.