Q&A with men's sweep coach Andy Sayles

Andy Sayles comes to Riverside most recently from upstream at Community Rowing, where he coaches the junior boys. He was also a summer member at Riverside with the men’s sweep team in 2011. Though he has been with the team since the spring, we have yet to formally issue his welcome interview. Welcome, Andy!

How did you begin rowing?

I began rowing for Burnt Hills Rowing Association in 7th grade.  I saw a sign at school and thought it seemed like a cool opportunity.  My best friend at the time said his mom rowed for the masters team and that he was going to the informational meeting as well.  From there, I just never stopped showing up!

Where have you been coaching before RBC?

I started coaching at Hudson River Rowing Association while in college, and coached at Marist upon graduation.  From there, I was the Head Boy’s Coach at Albany Rowing Center for 3 years. I moved to Boston in Fall 2017 to coach varsity boys at CRI, and helped out with BC men in the mornings.  This past year I’ve been the u17/novice boy’s Head Coach at CRI. 

What are you most looking forward to with the Men's Sweep group?

I’m looking forward to building on the great team that the coaches before me have set up.  I rowed men’s sweeps as a u23 in summer 2011 under Jeff, and it was one of the best rowing experiences of my life.  

What are some goals you have moving forward with the Men's Sweep team?

My goals are to continue to have the team perform at a high level, by growing the roster and improving the speed and depth top to bottom. I’d also like to provide a technical framework that allows the athletes to continue to improve and learn more about the rowing stroke as they progress in their rowing careers. 

Sayles (Stroke seat) in 2011 at Canadian Henley.

Sayles (Stroke seat) in 2011 at Canadian Henley.