Men's Sweep

Results: 2013 Canadian Henley

By Rachel Pettis

There’s just no ending the summer without the highly anticipated Royal Canadian Henley Regatta. Across the board RBC had quite a successful week with multiple crews leaving St. Catharines wearing some pretty hardware. The conditions on Henley Island grew more and more favorable each day and by Sunday treated the crews to nearly flat water and sunny skies. To start off the week, the Master’s Men’s 8+ won gold as did Nik Kurmakov in the Master’s 1x. Both Men’s Masters 4+ finished 2nd overall.

Lauren Ayers took home gold in the Senior Women’s Lightweight 1x, arguably one of them most competitive events of the week. Finishing just ahead of Vesper after a mean sprint, Lauren’s victory was as exciting as it was deserved. Mike Farry placed second in the Senior Men’s Lightweight 1x in another extremely competitive final. Men’s and Women’s Sweeps also fared well against rival and Canadian clubs alike.

The Senior Men’s 8+ finished sixth overall and the Women’s 8+ Dash took home second. The Women’s Senior 2- finished third and in an extremely close race RBC took home third and fourth in the Women’s U23 2-. The Senior Women’s Lightweight 4- took home 4th overall but was the first American crew to cross the line. According to a spectator in the Port Dalhousie grandstand this particular race was one of the most exciting due to some questionable steering. After multiple crabs and collisions in the last 250 meters, several of the Canadian crews crossed the finish line in the entirely wrong lane. Riverside also competed in the Dash for Cash with a mixed 8 winning gold as well as some swanky Regatta Sports gear. Tired but satisfied RBC left Saint Catharines feeling like Olympians…well not exactly but Border Patrol seemed convinced enough.

Results: 2012 Textile River Regatta (TRR)

Open and Masters

M Veteran 1x: Paul Dale
M 2-: 1st: Keir Evans, Brad Sherman
M Master 8+: 1st and 4th
W Club 2x: 1st Beatrice Sims, Chelsea Wakeham
M Open 1x: 1st Jim McGaffigan, 2nd Sean Wolf, 3rd Evan Bailey
M Club 8+: 5th
W Club 8+: 3rd
M Master’s 4+: 1st
W Club 1x: 1st Kelley Woodacre
M Open 4+ 3rd, 4th
W Open 4+ 4th
M Master’s 2x 1st (John Saxelby, Ernest Cook) 6th (Ed Frankenberry, Shameek Sarkar)
M Open 8+ 6th
M Club 2x: 3rd, 4th


M Jr 4x: 2nd
M Jr 8+: 16th, 55th
M Junior 4+: 3rd, 27th
W Jr 4x: 7th
W Jr 4+: 11th
W Jr 8+: 15th, 43r

2012 Fall Sweeps Update

The Women’s Sweeps
By: Severine Imbert de Smirnoff

The Women’s Sweep Team is excited to welcome 11 new rowers and 3 new coxswains this fall: Talia, Hannah, Allisaon, Beatrice, Molly, Meghan, Janie (not new), Shana, Carrie, Chelsea, Rachel, Carly, Grace and Mike.  They all bring great talent and enthusiasm to the team.  This fall they have already raced 2 out of 3 of the Head of the Kevins, Textile River Regatta, and the Green Mountain Head.  Looking ahead, be sure to cheer them on at The Head of the Charles in the Women’s Club 8+ and teh Women’s Championship 4+.

The Men’s Sweeps
ByL Jeff Forrester

The Men’s Sweep Team is experiencing a run on masters  for the fall season.  There enough to fill an 8+ and two Senior Master 4+’s for The Charles. The 8+ is expected to be competitive and move further up the rankings.  In the last few years we have placed in the Senior Master 4+ (50+’s), so we are looking for some hardware in that category as well as in the age 60+ boat.  For the young guns, we have a Club 4+ and Champ 4+ entries.  Both are positioned to place quite well, if not win.

The Juniors
By: Katy Ruderman

The juniors are excited to be starting their fourth season as Riverside Juniors!  We have 20 boys and 20 girls this fall.  We completed our first race (besides the world renowned Head of the Kevins) at the Textile  a couple Sundays ago; we raced eights, fours, quads, and doubles.  We have a very young group this fall and it seems that each week someone drops another minute off their 6K!

For the Head of the Charles we have a men’s and a women’s youth 4+ entry (Sunday at 10:05 and 10:36 respectively), seat-racing is under way with many rowers competing for the coveted Charles boat seats.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our creative uniforms at the last two Head of the Kevins, next time we’ll be repping the stripes!